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NerdBagel is a creative production company founded by published illustrator Torie Montrel. Talents at NerdBagel are composed of experienced professional designers and creatives, specializing in areas from motion picture storyboards to children’s books. Founded on the passion for assisting creatives in taking their projects to and through production resulting in bringing their ideas to a life. Creative aspirations are the keys that open the doors to the future, and NerdBagel will be there to help you make it happen.


Mr. Dash Mustache

Mr. Mustache is the Invoice Bagel. He sends the invoices and manages payroll for the roundtable.

Bowtie Bureeso

Bowtie Bureeso is Bagel Resources and is known as the Commission Master. Bureeso is the bridge between the artists and the clients.

Luna PinkPen

Luna PinkPen or "Lady PinkPen" is our design specialist. PinkPen is the creative execution genius that manages the design department.

Sketch Willings

Sketch is the Lead artist of NerdBagel and on most projects. Sketch is a workaholic that can't keep the design tools out his pockets let alone his hands.

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